Tamil Nadu Medical Council- 6 Credit Hours, Tamil Nadu Dental Council- 18 Credit Points, Tamil Nadu Nurses and Midwives council - 6 Credit Hours, The Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University - 30 credit points.
Poster Submission Details:

Future of Medicine is designed to provide a platform for researchers to share their recent scientific findings with fellow scientists. The scientific program of Future of Medicine will provide opportunities for its member to present their scientific research in the form of a Poster presentation only.

Who can submit:

Only registered delegates are eligible to submit the Poster. For registration, Click here

Posters should be submitted through online portal only. Last date for submission of poster is 7th Jan 2024 .

The selection of Posters for Poster presentation will be based on the research content and research domain..

The selected candidates should be present on 20th Jan 2024, time and poster format will be intimated through email.

Method of Submission:

The Posters should be submitted through the online portal only.

Format of Poster:
  • Structure of poster should be as follows: Title, Background, Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusions and Limitations.
  • The cumulative word limit of the Poster is 500 words excluding the title.
  • Use the given PPT template to make the poster.
  • The format for Posters is “wide screen” or 16:9. Please do not change the size, font or format.
  • Use only one slide – no additional slides will be allowed.
  • When you add images, make sure that they are  large enough to be displayed without pixelation. Images should be least 960 pixels wide.
          Do not scale images past 100%, for better clarity. 
  • If you want a background image for your Poster,  it must be at least 1920x1080 pixels.
  • The poster should be submitted in PDF format only.
Abstract Submission Guidelines

The abstract title conveys the content/subject of the poster. The title may be written as a question, or the title may be written to suggest the conclusions, if appropriate. A short, concise title may more easily catch a reader's attention. Try not to use abbreviations or acronyms in titles.


The introductory sentence(s) may be stated as a hypothesis, a purpose, an objective, or as current evidence for a finding. Hypothesis is a supposition or conjecture used as a basis for further investigations. Purpose is a statement of the reason for conducting a project or reporting on a program, process, or activity. Objective is the result that the author is trying to achieve by conducting a project, program, process, or activity.


Briefly describe the methods of the project to define the data or population, outcome variables, and analytic techniques, as well as data collection procedures and frequencies. A description of statistical methods used may be included if appropriate.

Results & Analysis

The results should be stated succinctly to support only the purpose , objectives, hypothesis, or conclusions.


The conclusion(s) should highlight the impact of the project and follow the methods and results in a logical fashion. This section should not restate results. Rather, the utility of the results and their potential role in the management of the project should be emphasized. New in formation or conclusions not supported by data in the results section should be avoided.

Guidelines for Submission:

The Poster submission should be done in the following steps,

Step 1 Verification of Registration: Enter the Conference Registration Id sent to registered email on completion of registration. On confirmation, your registration details will be shown.

Step 2 Title of Poster: Enter the title of the e-poster in the given input field.

Step 3 Authorship: The order of the authorship must be maintained. No objection certificate from co-authors and Conflict of interest disclosure form from all authors should be uploaded as per the given template in pdf format, size not exceeding 50 KB.

Step 4 Poster Upload: The Poster should to be structured as mentioned above. The file should be in .pdf format and size should not exceed more than 2 MB.

Step 5 Preview of Poster and Submission: A preview of the information provided shall be displayed for confirmation and submission.

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